#32, 3F Grand Office, Jamyan Gun 12 Olympic Street, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 14251


Abt Associates is the USAID institutional contractor implementing the Mongolia Energy Governance (MEG) Activity. The goal of the MEG Activity is to promote self-reliance in Mongolia by bolstering energy sector governance, primarily to achieve a secure, stable, diversified, modern, and self-reliant Mongolian energy sector.  To achieve these goals, MEG works in the following thematic areas:

  • Planning for network upgrades and new heating and energy generation

  • Increase market competitiveness in the power sector

  • Enable the adoption of modern energy technologies

  • Energy efficiency and demand management

  • Mongolia energy research and innovation fund

  • Communications and community outreach campaign

  • Promote gender programs for the energy sector 

At Abt Associates, we are committed to working towards these objectives to ensure the sustainable and self-reliant future of Mongolia's energy sector.