#32, 3F Grand Office, Jamyan Gun 12 Olympic Street, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 14251

Enable adoption of modern energy technologies.

Mongolia Energy Governance (MEG) Activity will promote a competitive and well-functioning market for energy services with a focus on increasing customer choices, improving service quality, enhancing energy security, and ensuring accountability for ratepayers. To achieve this, the activity will build political support and develop a roadmap to reduce risks associated with advanced energy systems and technologies. We will also support NGOs and public forums to address air pollution and institutional reform. Our key stakeholders include government agencies and international donors.

MEG will promote the policy and regulatory environment for advanced clean energy systems, planning, procedures, financing, and tools for developing advanced energy systems. MEG will also foster strategic partnerships and innovations to improve air quality in Ulaanbaatar by engaging the private sector to support the deployment of advanced and affordable energy systems.