#32, 3F Grand Office, Jamyan Gun 12 Olympic Street, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 14251

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Promote gender programs for the energy sector

MEG will promote gender programs designed to minimize the existing imbalances in gender that inhibit equality in employment, access to energy services, quality of life, and financial services.  MEG will concentrate on the following areas of focus: 

  • Cultivating equitable processes to enhance energy planning 

  • Building women’s capacity in energy planning and utility performance

  • Promoting male allyship

  • Upskilling women in technical areas

  • Integrating gender in financing for advanced energy systems

  • Promoting women’s networks in the energy sector

  • Supporting gender and equity champions across Mongolia’s energy sector

  • Administering grants to women and youth-led organizations

Improving gender equality and female empowerment in the Mongolian energy sector will support the Country’s overall goals to apply a gender equality and social inclusion lens to MEG’s activities.